Freedom !!

People say, next to freedom is education. It means that only education that can be used to run our freedom atmosphere in our life.

We have learned very much from long time ago, when we were colonialized by other countries. We were separated by by tribes, native languages and locations where we lived.

But the most important thing is we were isolated by education. We were not educated enough to understand everything including that national unity is much more important than tribal unity.

So, what we can do today? After everything has changed?
After we free?
After all has become our own?

Next to freedom is education.

If we have got our national freedom, education will lead us into the understanding of living among nations in the world.

We are ready to face the future together with the other countries in the same level. We can manage international freedom, keep good relationship each others and make our lives better.

Indonesia is a great country with many clever people there. Now, what we are waiting for? Lets come together to built a super power country!


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