Who Should Responsible for Destruction of The Coral Reef

It`s also my speech. My second speech. It was getting better. hehe,

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Only some meters under the sea we will find another world which is very colorful and beautiful. A beautiful coral world is house for a thousand of kinds of animals and sea plants that own economic value and high aesthetic value. Every creature which lives in coral ecosystem has different function depends on the other. But, this ecosystem will destroyed faster if we don`t take care of them start from now. Coral is one of  sea ecosystem which is very brittle and threatened the continuity its life. The number of destruction now is more or less 70% of coral in Indonesia will be extinct in this century.

To discuss about this, i would like to see what the ecosystem of the coral reef is.

In coral ecosystem there is rock which is hard and soft. Rock petrified is hard rock because the existence of calcium yielded by animal. The compose of animal it takes along time process to make jell, started from small rock into jelled. In fact this jelled coral consist of thousand of individual pulpy. This petrified rock become especial of coral ecosystem. Although it looks very strong bit it`s easy to break in environment change.

There are many function of coral reef:

1. The source of fish and food under the sea contain high protein.

2. Protecting the beach and ecosystem from high wave attack.

3. The source of income for fishermen.

4. As tourism industry for tourist who wants to go fishing, diving, snorkeling.

5. As the basic ingredient for natural medicine.

6. A basic for laboratory experiment education and research.

But, how is the condition of coral reef in Indonesia now?

According to the study, shows that a number of coral reef in Indonesia is estimated about 60.000 km, with a good coral reef is only 5,56%.

The damage of coral reef is divided in 3 cause:

1. Human being factor. It`s cause by chemical pollutio and sedimentation.

2. The ignorance factor.

3. Natural factor. For example global warming, el nino, and tsunami.

The damage of coral will influence the fisherman life. Fish become scarce and fish will be expensive. All of them will influence condition of Indonesia economics.

We as a student must protect our beautiful coral reef before late. Notify the people to protect and don`t making the destruction.


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