Parts of Speech (Jenis Kata)

First, look at the following sample questions. See if you can answer these questions correctly.

1. The man ran (quickly/ quick/ with quick) on the street last night.
2. Please, listen (careful/ carefully/ with careful). It’s very important.
3. Your (success/ succeed/ successful) depends on yoursef.
4. Kajol has very (beauty/ beautiful/ beautifully) eyes.

O.K, can you answer the questions above?
The answers for number one is quickly. In indonesia we translate it into dengan/ secara cepat. For number two, the answer is carefully, which means dengan/ secara hati-hati in Indonesian. For number 3, the answer is success, which means kebehasilan in Indonesian. And the last number, the answer is beautiful. In indonesia, beautiful means(berarti) indah/ cantik.


For number 1, the sentence should read: The man ran quickly on the street last night. (Laki-laki itu berlari dengan/ secara cepat di jalan tadi malam). You must use quickly(adverb/ kata keterangan) in this sentence. Quickly “menerangkan” ran(berlari). If you use quick, it only means “cepat”, and if you use “With quick”, it is not correct English, although with is “dengan”, and quick is “cepat”.

For number 2, the sentence should read: Please, listen carefully! It’s very important. (Tolong dengarkan dengan/ secara hati-hati/ seksama! Ini sangat penting).
Again here, Carefully is an adverb(kata keterangan yang menerangkan kata kerja Listen).

For number 3, the sentence should read: Your success depends on yourself. (Keberhasilanmu tergantung pada dirimu sendiri). Here, we cannot use “Succeed” because it is a verb(kata Kerja). and we cannot use “successful”, either because successful is an adjective(kata sifat).

For number 4, the sentence should read: Kajol has very beutiful eyes. (Kajol mempunyai mata yang sangat indah). You have to use beautiful(Adjective/ kata sifat untuk menerangkan “eyes”). You cannot use “beauty”(keindahan-kata benda), nor “beautify” (Menperindah-Kata kerja).

So, You must know the part of speech(jenis Kata) so that you can use the correct word.


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